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“Putting Your Candle on the Candlestand”: A Christian Perspective on Compassion

“Putting Your Candle on the Candlestand” - Former Houston Mayor Bill White's Dialog Event from CompassionateHouston on Vimeo.

Compassionate Houston and the Adult Formation Council held a Dialogue Event on Wednesday, May 16, at 6 p.m. in the Great Hall. Former Mayor Bill White continued Houston's Conversation on Compassion with a presentation entitled "Putting Your Candle on the Candlestand." White, a lawyer and businessman, was US Deputy Secretary of Energy from 1993-1995 before serving three terms as Houston's mayor from 2004- 2010. During his first term as Mayor, he led Houston in offering refuge for the victims of Hurricane Katarina. He was later awarded the John F. Kennedy Profile in Courage Award for his service in the light of this catastrophe. White explored the current idea of Houston as a "Compassionate City."

“Compassionate – An Imperative for Houston and the World”: A Business Perspective on Compassion

My Movie 3 from Compassionate Houston on Vimeo.

Compassionate Houston and the Adult Formation Council at Christ Church Cathedral held its first “Conversation on Compassion” Wednesday, April 18, 2012.  Our featured speaker was Riaz Siddiqi who offered a framework for practical action.  How might Houston become a world leader in embracing and applying the concept of compassion?  What potential benefits does “good will” promise for our city, our nation, and the world?  Mr. Siddiqi is a member of the Leadership Council of Convergence, a national organization that promotes dialogue and forges solutions to domestic and international problems across the political divide.  A businessman and caring member of Houston’s Community, he is a Founder and Managing Partner of Denham Capital and Head of its Asia office.   Mr. Siddiqi is a Founding Partner of Compassionate Houston.

Louisville Awarded Model Compassionate City

On November, 2011, Louisville, Kentucky was named by CAN International [Compassionate Action Network International] “Compassionate City.” Following a promise connected with that naming, the people of Louisville  embarked on a 10 year campaign to live into their designation.   In mid-April, 2012, CAN International gave Louisville another distinction as “Model Compassionate City.”

On the inspiration of the Mayor, the community of Louisville is now challenging other cities to demonstrate that they are more compassionate than they are!

What do you think, Houston?..Who's ready to answer this challenge?

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Krista Tippett: Reconnecting with Compassion The term "compassion" -- typically reserved for the saintly or the sappy -- has fallen out of touch with reality. At a special TEDPrize@UN, journalist Krista Tippett deconstructs the meaning of compassion through several moving stories, and proposes a new, more attainable definition for the word.