learn compassion

Expand your awareness and deepen your knowledge.  Participate in compassion classes, workshops and retreats provided by local faculty in partnership with Houston’s Movement for Compassion.



Upcoming Compassion Classes

Class Title: Compassionate Intentions Mini-Series (sponsored by Dawn Mountain)
Brief Description: At a moment of personal and national transition, learn to use the boundless power of compassion to transform inner and outer turmoil. We’ll use loving-kindness and tong-len (taking and giving) meditations directed toward ourselves and others to transform ourselves in the new year.
Presenter: Claire Villarreal, Ph.D.

Dates: December 20, 2016 and January 3, 2017; 7:00 to 9:00 PM

Cost: $20 each class or $35/mini-series

For further information:  http://dawnmountain.org/events



Class Title: Mindful Self-Compassion (at Institute for Spirituality & Health)
Brief Description: Learn how to stop being so hard on yourself through learning Mindful Self Compassion practices for home and everyday life; learn the theory and science behind Mindful Self Compassion.
Presenter: Gwen Brehm, M.Ed., LPC, LMFT

Dates: 8 Thursdays, beginning January 19, 2017; 6:30-9:00 PM

Cost: $495, incl. half-day retreat

For further information: Email Gwen Brehm at: brehm.gwen@att.net



Class Title: Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction
Brief Description: Increases ability to handle stress with greater ease; decreases physical and psychological suffering; strengthens connection with self and others.
Presenter: Micki Fine, M.Ed., LPC

8 Thursdays, beginning January 26, 2017; 6-8:30 PM -or-
8 Saturdays, beginning, January 28, 2017; 2-4:30 PM

Cost: $550, Tuition assistance available

For further information:  https://www.livingmindfully.org/mbsr.html



Class Title: Compassion Cultivation Training (at Dawn Mountain)
Brief Description: Improve resilience and feel more connected with others. Combines traditional contemplative practice with contemporary psychology and scientific research to help one lead a more compassionate life.
Presenters: Rev. Betty Adam, Ph.D., Kathy Welch, and Cyrus Wirls

Dates: 8 Mondays, beginning September 12, 2016; 7:00—9:00 PM

Cost: $120-200 (sliding scale)

For further information:  http://dawnmountain.org/ (events)



Class Title: Free Kindfulness 7 Day Online Course (sponsored by Awake Academy)
Brief Description: Four top experts get together to teach you Kindfulness: a unique short course that blends mindfulness, kindness and compassion. Experience, discover, learn, explore and understand more about kindfulness in this free online course.
Presenters: Ajahn Brahm, Dr James R Doty, Paul Gilbert, Shamash Alidina

Dates: Available Now, Ongoing

Cost: Free

For further information:  Participate online at http://www.awakeacademy.org/course/free-kindfulness



Upcoming Compassion-Related Retreats

Retreat Title: The Heart of Wisdom (sponsored by Insight Meditation Houston at Cenacle Retreat House)
Brief Description: Two day silent meditation retreat with focus on the Buddha’s practical, clear and inspiring map of awakening wisdom and compassion in our hearts and minds. Includes systematic instructions for both sitting and walking meditation, Dharma talks and opportunities for discussion with the teacher.
Presenter: Howie Cohn, Spirit Rock Meditation Center Senior Teacher

Dates: January 27-29, 2017

Cost: $160 (Nonresidential Commuter) – $255 (Resident at Cenacle)

For further information: Register at http://insighthouston.org, click on the retreats tab.  Email Pam Lewis at pamela1@airmail.net.



Upcoming Compassion-Related Workshops

Workshop Title: Living Peace
Brief Description: Deepen your communication with self and others using NVC/compassionate communication skills and related tools.
Presenter: Susan Wildins, MD, CPC

Dates: Sept. 11, Oct. 9, Nov. 13, 2016; 1:30-3:30 PM

Cost: $20.00/session

For further information: Email Susan Wildins at: susan@wildins.net