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CW Practice Houston Intro to Contemplative Practice

Compassion Week Practice Houston: Introduction to Contemplative Practice
The Practice of Self Compassion Through Creative Writing

Writers In The Schools Meeting House
1519 W. Main St
Houston, TX 77006

Facilitated by Brooke Summers-Perry

$10 Suggested Donation
Seating is limited. Register to reserve a seat.

About this session

I believe that our lives are our stories. Therefore, by becoming more creative writers, we are able to mindfully and compassionately change the narrative that guides our lives daily. For my collection of prompts for spiritual growth, compassion, and connection, I distill practices from a variety of modalities like Nonviolent Communication, The Enneagram, Jesuit and Benedictine Christian monastic practices, Native American Spirituality, Buddhist meditation, creative writing, drawing and painting. I offer integrated and very simplified practices that lead us into awareness of our values and needs in the moment. Imagine an intersection where your greatest needs meet a broad spectrum of strategies to connect with your higher self, others, and our community. Each of these dimensions calls us to craft our stories with happier endings, for every one of us.

No prior experience is necessary.

About Practice Houston

Our gatherings include a brief check in, practice background and instructions, 20 minute practice, and reflection time. We encourage our community to explore all that Houston has to offer and we hope to be a starting place for curious, compassionate, meaning seekers.

Our practices and reflections, in a community, inform how we allow ourselves to grow, heal, and bring more loving kindness and compassion to ourselves, our relationships, and our communities. This group has no affiliation with any particular religious tradition, faith, or community. We honor many compassion-based idealogies and learn from the wisdom of various traditions and creative endeavors. All religious and spiritual backgrounds are welcome and free of judgment or expectation. We use Healing Circles and Circle of Trust® agreements to maintain respect for each individual and their inner guide.

About Brooke Summers-Perry

Brooke is a mom, teacher, artist, writer, spiritual director, and the Board of Compassionate Houston’s VP of Programs. She integrates a variety of growth, transformation, and creative modalities to offer practices that are accessible, impactful, and life changing for individuals, students, teachers, parents, and groups in all stages of life, Her practices and curated conversations cultivate compassion, connection, meaning, and awareness. The simplicity of the practices allows for immediate application in daily life, in every setting, role, and relationship.