COMING SOON, A variety of programs, community and service opportunities will be revealed at the 2019 Spring luncheon. Each area below will have its own page with many avenues to engage in compassion with self, compassion in relationships, and to infuse compassion into the systems within which we operate. Fill out the individual or partner survey so that we can most effectively connect.


Compassion week

Called to Compassionate Action, join us for a week dedicated to cultivating compassion in Houston. Attend a workshop to foster compassion in yourself, or participate in a service project to put compassion in action, or both!



We are inherently connected to others, care about their well-being and wish to alleviate their suffering. This is compassion and it lies at the heart of all spiritual and moral traditions. Compassion can be cultivated through skills and practices that create a fuller understanding and respect for others.


supper club

Join us as we get to know each other, discover the best of Houston’s compassionate culture and diversity.


Practice circle

Join us as we explore a variety of compassion based practices, develop community, and share the challenges and celebrations of applying our practices to our daily lives.

Book Group

Join our compassion focused book group

Compassion community calendar and blog

Stay informed about programs, service opportunites, and community events. Help us explore and celebrate individuals and groups that grow Houston’s compassionate culture.

Fill out our survey to submit events, programs, volunteer opportunities, and posts we can share on our compassionate community calendar and blog.