Below is a snapshot of the 2019 Compassion Week Events. To comprehensively read about events with full descriptions of programs, facilitators, and partner organizations, visit the community calendar.

Compassion Week 2019 Overview

CW 1: Insight meditation: radiating compassion for oneself to the world

Monday 4/22 7-8:30p
Facilitated by Ginger Clarkson

CW 2: InterfAith Ministries and Grace Episcopal: Sacred Movement on the Labyrinth

Tuesday 4/23 7-8:30p

CW 3: Art of Living: Understanding compassion and living compassionately

Tuesday 4/23 7-8:30p
Facilitated by Aurva Kapoor

Registration required for CW 1

Registration requested for CW 2

Registration via email follow link above

CW 5: Practice HOuston self compassion through creative writing

Wednesday 4/24 6:30-8p
Facilitated by Brooke Summers-Perry

CW 6: Healing Circles: Deep Listening Circle for women

Thursday 4/25 6-7:30p
Facilitated by Becky Dodds

Registration required for CW 5

No registration required for CW 6

CW 7: Practical Compassion

Thursday 4/25 7-9p
Facilitated by Ed Halloran

CW 8: Studio Nia Moves:
Body of Movement

Thursday 4/25 7:30-9:30p
Facilitated by Nadine Mongeard Mott

CW 9: Practice Houston:
Supper Club

Friday 4/26 6:30-9p
Hosted by Cita Breitenwischer
Facilitated by Brooke Summers-Perry

Registration not required for CW 7

Registration required for CW 8

Registration required for CW 9

CW 11: Intro to Compassion Integrity Training

Saturday 4/27 1:30-3p
Facilitated by Pam Lewis, PhD
and Anita Long

CW 12: Yoga Nidra

Sunday 4/28 2-3:30p
Facilitated by Rev. Gena Davis

Registration required for CW 11

Registration required for CW 12

CW 4 has been postponed due to illness.
CW 10 has been postponed.